Why Do We Always Eat Popcorn at the Cinema?

It’s difficult to envision going to the recent film release without a gigantic container of rich, salty corn. (Or at least being around and getting a whiff of it.)

Popcorn was tremendously well known at fairs and festivals in the mid 19th century. Road merchants had the capacity to make and offer the awesome, fragrant nibble by the bucketload (no pun intended) when the first steam-controlled popcorn creator was made. On the other hand, cinemas hadn’t caught on.

They endeavored to partner themselves more with the recent portion of their market: the theater. A genuine theater would decline to be connected with these kinds of snacks for film-goers, and silver screens tried their best to focus on a knowledgeable group of food that they trusted.

In 1927, when films started including speech, motion pictures were no more adapted or targeted at a more educated group of onlookers. This was around in time with the Great Depression, and Americans were looking for an inexpensive diversion that would help them to become mixed up in some other, distractive reality. Films fit the bill.

Film theater proprietors got their way and had started to remove the lurking sellers and sold popcorn themselves to cut out the middle man. Those screens that declined to change with the times and have their own popcorn endured, as the snack got to be popular. (For cinema owners, the best way for them to stay alive amid the Depression was to give the general population what they were looking for, and that was popcorn..

These days we can have what we like at the cinema, from nachos to frozen yogurt, but popcorn will always have a special part of the experience reserved for its taste and aroma.

Our Favourite Directors

Martin_ScorseseMovies are defined often by the leading men and ladies portraying some of our most beloved characters, yet the people on the other side of the camera have the key role in delivering the film as we see it. Directors are the men and women who manoeuvre some of the most talented actors, visual effects specialists and musicians to knit together a true piece if filmatic art. We thought we would share some of our favourites with you, to open up the debate.

Top of the list is Martin Charles Scorsese. A man defined often by his work behind the lens, delivering a truly graphic and gritty insight into the world of gangsters and organised crime, with films like Casino, Goodfellas and The departed. Add onto this the Sublime Taxi driver, Raging Bull, Gangs Of New York and The Wolf Of Wall Street, and you see a picture of one of the most complete directors of all time. He has won multiple Academy Awards, and directed some of the most famous actors in the world to their own career defining roles and their own Academy Awards.

Steven Spielberg is the next huge name we want to bring you. Known as the king of the Blockbuster, here’s a director who always has us reaching for the popcorn – he defined the big style  summer hit movie with films such as ET, Jaws, Jurassic Park and many many more. He brought visual effects to an entire new level, and forced the people tasked with delivering them to scale new heights, with his huge expansive imagination and demanding requests. He is one of the richest and most influential film makers the world has ever known. He can deliver huge family hits like Gremlins, Adventure films like Indiana Jones, Blockbusters like Jurassic Park, some of the finest Sci Fi work ever known Like Close encounters of the Third Kind, as well as powerful dramatic performances like Saving Private Ryan.

We will bring you the second part of this series soon, and talk about some of our other favourite directors. Yet the one thing you will notice they have in common is the versatility of their back catalogue. The ability not to get bogged down in one particular genre, and become samey. They all have unique techniques they repeat, but they deliver them appropriately across all types of film always making them seem fresh and original.

2015’s Best Picture Nominations at the Oscars

The 2015 academy awards drew a lot of controversy, but we still love to keep a record of exactly what went on. History is so important in film making, for inspiration and learning from mistakes. As such we love to keep you updated with things in the past, and this is why we have compiled the list of the movies that were nominated for Best Picture at this years Academy Award ceremony.

The first film on the list, is the Clint Eastwood directed American Sniper. A controversial adaptation of the life of American sniper Chris Kyle. Taken from the book about Kyles life, Bradley Cooper played the lead role. We saw him deal with tough battle ground decisions and dealing with PTSD on his return to America.

Next we have The original Boyhood, a film that drew huge praise. Twelve years in the making, it follows a young boy between the ages of 6 and 18, as he grows up and deals with the struggles of having divorced parents. Actors own life experiences were incorporated and allowed to adapt to the script, producing a truly remarkable piece of work, that is unlike anything we have ever seen.

Next we have The Grand Budapest Hotel, starring Ralph fiennes as a man who forms an alliance with a worker at the hotel, to try and clear his name of a murder charge.

We continue with The imitation game. It is a Historical Thriller starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Kiera Knightly. It is based on a real life British cryptanalyst, and his huge task to break the German intelligence codes during world war two. An act that could change the fate of the world.

Next is the real life Biopic Selma, about Civil rights movement. It specifically is about the march from Selma to Montgomery in 1965, to raise awareness and fight for equal voting rights for black Americans.

Adding a more romantic twist on the list, is The Theory Of everything, detailing the life of Stephen Hawking and his relationship with his wife. All through his time at university, his scientific breakthroughs and his decent into a terrible illness.

A dark horse is the next on the list, and that film is Whiplash. Starring Miles Teller and J.K Simmons, it is about the experiences of the Princeston High school band. This is quantified in the story of a talented and maverick Jazz musician, and the strict abusive teacher who drives him to be better and pushes him beyond his boundaries.

We end the list with the film that won best picture, Birdman. A return to greatness for forgotten man Michael Keaton, delivering a stellar performance in the films lead. A dark comedy about an actor fallen from the heights of his career defining Hollywood role, trying to mould himself into completing a difficult Broadway performance.

Our Favorite Gangster Films Ever

godfatherThe gangster genre of film has delivered some absolute classics. Most film viewers are drawn tot he dark side of life, and the notoriety and fear that comes as part of it. It gives audiences the chance to vicariously experience things they would never normally dream of attempting, and gives us some of the all time great movie characters. Dark anti heroes we can’t help but sympathise with, even if we can not empathise. He we list some of our favourite movies about gangsters.

We start of the The Godfather part . The daddy of all gangster films, creating legendary performances, scenes and moments, not to mention so many amazing quotes. Stellar performances from Marlon Brando and Al Pacino defined their unreal careers. A lesson in how to set up tension, and deliver climactic ending’s to perfectly paced scenes. Simply out this was the benchmark for so many others to try and emulate. The sequel could arguably be considered even better, before a sharp down turn with part three. It is no doubt the best franchise, and series of gangster films of all time.

Next we have possibly my personal favourite, Goodfellas. Robert De Niro and Ray Liotta deliver towering performances, and once again so many iconic scenes and lines. Mix that with a stellar performance from Joe Pesci. Who could forget the terrifying scene in the bar when you are sure he is about to snap, only to be joking the entire time. His role earned him an Academy award for best supporting actor. Martin Scorsese proved to be the king of movies about organised crime, going on to release Casino and the final film on this list…

…we will talk about the departed. Probably the best modern film about organised crime, and winner of a Academy Award for best picture, this epic effort from Scorsese is a unique tale of the mob life from both sides of the law. As the lines between the good and bad get blurred. A mob employee infiltrating the FBI and and FBI agent doing anything to infiltrate an American Irish gang and bring down Jack Nicholson’s notorious mob boss. Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio are supported well by Martin Sheen, and Mark Wahlberg. A fitting end to a superb list of films.

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