Making Gaming Fan Films Using Capture Card Footage

game-1294305_640It isn’t much of a secret that a huge amount of people now make videos out of their video gaming hobbies! Whether you play a modern console like the xbox one or ps 4 or an old school console such as a gamecube, snes, or even gameboy, you can now get the footage out of the console and into a digital format using one of the best capture cards on the market¬†–¬† shows which can do what (I haven’t seen another site offer this amount of information).

Youtube and Twitch have blown up, and people can develop millions of followers and make a fortune sharing the videos they make, this can mean tutorials or even just fun videos that make people laugh.

With games now having endless possibilities such as No Mans Sky and Minecraft, there is a new trend of people making whole fan films using them, you could even make a movie following a character in minecraft. Of course, they will just remain fan films and without the permission of the makers of the game are unlikely to get a proper release but there’s no reason you can’t put it online and share with your friends.

A lot of these capture cards now come with editing software, and there is even open source software out there for those who want to do so on the cheap, you don’t have to spend a lot of money getting this set up if you already have a computer and the games console in question. Even if you want to make a list of ‘my favorite games’ for example, you can use the software to edit clips together that you have taken from different games you play regularly.

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