Our Favourite Directors

Martin_ScorseseMovies are defined often by the leading men and ladies portraying some of our most beloved characters, yet the people on the other side of the camera have the key role in delivering the film as we see it. Directors are the men and women who manoeuvre some of the most talented actors, visual effects specialists and musicians to knit together a true piece if filmatic art. We thought we would share some of our favourites with you, to open up the debate.

Top of the list is Martin Charles Scorsese. A man defined often by his work behind the lens, delivering a truly graphic and gritty insight into the world of gangsters and organised crime, with films like Casino, Goodfellas and The departed. Add onto this the Sublime Taxi driver, Raging Bull, Gangs Of New York and The Wolf Of Wall Street, and you see a picture of one of the most complete directors of all time. He has won multiple Academy Awards, and directed some of the most famous actors in the world to their own career defining roles and their own Academy Awards.

Steven Spielberg is the next huge name we want to bring you. Known as the king of the Blockbuster, here’s a director who always has us reaching for the snacks¬†– he defined the big style¬† summer hit movie with films such as ET, Jaws, Jurassic Park and many many more. He brought visual effects to an entire new level, and forced the people tasked with delivering them to scale new heights, with his huge expansive imagination and demanding requests. He is one of the richest and most influential film makers the world has ever known. He can deliver huge family hits like Gremlins, Adventure films like Indiana Jones, Blockbusters like Jurassic Park, some of the finest Sci Fi work ever known Like Close encounters of the Third Kind, as well as powerful dramatic performances like Saving Private Ryan.

We will bring you the second part of this series soon, and talk about some of our other favourite directors. Yet the one thing you will notice they have in common is the versatility of their back catalogue. The ability not to get bogged down in one particular genre, and become samey. They all have unique techniques they repeat, but they deliver them appropriately across all types of film always making them seem fresh and original.

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